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Friendly Web Designer

I ain't only about websites!

I may be a professional and expert at work but that doesn’t mean I am not fun, casual, and open to discuss about how your doggo destroyed your pillow or shoes. I am all ears about your everyday business and life struggles, in the end, we are all human and we connect that way.

Talking about my personality I am an ambivert, calm and honest, if I don’t like something I say it to your face – politely.

Besides working with you and talking about the project you may expect me to ask about your story, your struggles, and whereabout of you and life. I love to understand the person I am working with deeply. I love to meet new people and get to know them, their story and how they got started!

I am also a small business owner running my web design business just like you. At first, I didn’t know how to start an online business but I was desperate to succeed and earn an income online. I did so many things like blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc (failed miserably) and eventually realized how much I enjoyed building websites while I built my own for all of this stuff.

I am not limited to just building you a website that does its job, I will always be there to support you at any point of your journey with my help, expertise and network (I know a bunch of other cool freelancers). I can be your friend, mentor, guide, helping hand and partner in success. My past clients are still my friends and constantly get in touch, they still ask me for help and suggestions. I am always happy to listen and respect your suggestions and opinions.

Get your Top Performing Sales Rep Working 24/7

I build websites that speaks to your clients and help them trust you

My Experience with business and life

I hope you have a good knowledge about me by reading my journey so far in the right section, if you haven’t already please read that first.


Besides that, I would like you to know that I use my marketing and user experience skills into my website designs so that they are not just another small business website on the internet that lay their like a liability but converse and convert.


The websites that I design and build are beautiful, strategic, powerful and convey your brand message like a charm. It helps build trust, credibility, position you or your brand as an industry leader and entice your customers to choose you 99 times over your competition.


Enough of my chitter chatter, if you liked my website or any of the website in my portfolio section – you know I am da best!

2019 - Freelance Designer + Marketer

Within a week after learning all those skills, I left that boring job saying I was eaten by a crocodile while swimming. I then started my own freelance web design business and have been happily working for myself ever since. I occasionally take on the help of some other expert freelancers in my projects to ensure its the best out there. Might retire at 30 with $30Mn in bank account.

2018 - Copywriter and Social media manager

Soon after receiving my diploma in digital marketing, I got placed in a startup as a copywriter, designer and SEO. I enjoyed every bit of my job but as you know good things never last so the startup. Worked at another boring web design agency but learnt a lot about UX/UI, Web design and Project management.

2017 - Diploma in Marketing

Freshly graduated out of India’s #1 university, Major in science from the very reputed Delhi University. Hated every bit of science and its laws, wanted to do something in Tech, didn’t know what…. so did Digital marketing instead!

Why should you Choose me

📌I'm not your average designer who jumps into a project without any insight. I make it a priority to comprehend your business objectives and vision, ensuring a personalized and effective website design tailored to your needs.

📌Unlike other designers, I don't just create a pretty website and call it a day. I take the time to get to know you and your business, crafting a site that resonates with your customers and ultimately drives sales.

📌 I Build Lasting Relationships with My Clients - Bringing Fun, Enthusiasm, and Attention to Every Detail!

Grow your business with a website designed by m

When you quit DIY-ing your website and put your trust in me to build a conversion and UX focused website here’s what you can expect:

📌 Your inbox starts flooding with leads and sales notifications exponentially even when you are asleep.

📌 You don’t have to worry about any tech challenges as they come up because you always have access to an expert who understands your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

📌 You will look more professional, industry leader and have an edge over your competitors. You will have a clear branding, traffic and website strategy. Your customers will start to recognise you and buy from you.

Why my clients love working with me

"I want to thank Ali Raza for working with his team to create, design, develop and brand a wonderful website for my business. He is an experienced website designer with a strong purpose to help small business owners create a great website. I have always been able to contact him easily and he has completed all tasks even ahead of schedule. He really puts a lot of effort into what he does and strives to create a beautiful and well converted website. We still work together and he will be developing my company's future website projects as well."
Harrison T.
Founder & MD at Magnus Investors
Hello from Italy, Its is beautiful and interesting to work with Ali Raza, he provided a lot of insights on planning and them building our company website. and we also worked for couple of my clients websites. it has been all very smooth communication was very great and always available and helpful to guide us throughout the process. It was a nice experience working with him, I highly recommend Him for any website design work!
Emanuele Melchiorri
just wanted to give a shout out to my friend @Aliraza for helping me create my website, i have no time invest building my own. I connected with @Aliraza who builds sites and i must say he was easy to work with , stay in touch with and easy to talk to and very easy to communicate how I wanted my site I sent him all the info we did a few zoom calls and once finished I was more than happy even a few changes and he was always eager to help me. so in general I would highly recommend his services and im always open to helping individuals start there own business and pursue there dreams!
Michael Viele
CDL Coach

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I understand coaches like no other web designer

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